Companion animal histopathology test codes explained

Companion animal histopathology test codes explained

Josepha DeLay

Animal Health Laboratory, University of Guelph, Guelph, ON.

AHL Newsletter 2019;23(3):17.

Histopathology tests offered by the AHL for companion and non-food animals are arranged in 3 price categories that reflect the number and/or size of the biopsies or postmortem samples. The categories translate into the number of slides required for the case, which in turn reflects the cost (for reagents and supplies, and technical and professional time) for each case.

Companion animal histopathology test codes and criteria are as follows:

  • histcm1: Histopathology, companion / other, 1-2 biopsies or tissues < 6 cm, OR multiple (6 or fewer) punch, trucut, or endoscopic biopsies.
  • histcm2: Histopathology, companion / other, 3-6 biopsies or tissues, OR biopsy 6-10 cm.
  • histcm3: Histopathology, companion / other, 7 or more biopsies or tissues, OR biopsy >10 cm.

Additional charges also apply to those samples from any species requiring the following special procedures for histologic processing:

  • Decalcification, examples: digit amputations, bone biopsies.
  • Hoof or nail softening.
  • Tumor margin evaluation (for biopsies >2 cm): Please inform us at the time of sample submission if margin evaluation is required.
  • Complex cases requiring pathologist intervention at the trimming stage, examples: limb amputations, splenectomies, large mammary resections.

Please see the online AHL Fee Schedule for pricing.

When necessary, AHL histotechnologists and pathologists will adjust requested tests and associated fees to reflect the samples that we receive. We will make an effort to inform clients whenever these changes must be made. However clients must be aware of the test criteria described above and choose the appropriate histopathology test for individual cases submitted to the AHL.

Please contact Dr. Josepha DeLay with any questions about histopathology submissions:

519-824-4120 ext 54576 or   AHL