OAHN Update August 2015

OAHN has had a busy quarter, with the launch of our official webpage at http://oahn.ca, the release of many new podcasts at http://oahn.podbean.com, and a number of quarterly meetings, reports, condemnation data, and more. We encourage you to check out the new website, where you can access resources, sign up for our newsletter, and get updates and information related to OAHN and all species networks. Veterinarians can sign up for access to veterinary reports and educational content. We are also busy preparing for the annual DSP meeting on October 1, where vets, industry professionals, and members of government will come together to plan OAHN’s coming year.

OAHN chart 

The bee network held its latest quarterly conference call on March 9.

The OAHN alternative species network held its first conference call in July, with mink veterinarians discussing important issues with experts in the field. Main points of discussion for the call involved astrovirus and nursing sickness. To be added to the list for future calls, email oahn@uoguelph.ca. 

The Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative will be creating a report on wildlife disease surveillance (expected release date: fall 2015).

We had 71 responses to the Q1 veterinary survey for bovine practitioners. The quarterly call occurred in May and the resulting report was disseminated to the OABP listserv at the end of May. AHL data and condemnation data were also included. The Q2 survey has been sent to practitioners, with a conference call scheduled for August. 

The first OAHN bee network meeting took place in June, with members from OBA, Tech Transfer, research, AHL and OMAFRA. Check out our OAHN bee podcast, released on August 6. In the podcast, Dr. Jennifer Zechel discusses bee health, testing, and common misconceptions about bees.


The OAHN swine network completed its Q2 2015 veterinary survey and had its quarterly conference call in July. The main points of concern discussed on the call were: influenza A typing, PEDV, porcine deltacoronavirus, swine dysentery, and HEV. Watch for the swine veterinary report and producer report to be published on OASV listserv and on OAHN.ca in the coming month.

The Q2 equine veterinary report was released to the OAEP listserv and posted on OAHN.ca in July. The top concerns discussed during the Q2 conference call were: uterine infections, angular limb deformities, and neonatal diarrhea in foals and breeding stock; and pastern dermatitis, RAO/heaves, and laminitis in adults. IDEXX laboratories and the AHL contributed laboratory data for this quarter. 

The Q2 2015 veterinary survey was completed and the quarterly conference call occurred in the second half of July. Look out for the veterinary and producer reports on the SRVO listserv and on OAHN.ca in the near future. Top items of discussion were: coccidiosis, listeriosis, and clostridial enteritis.

The Q2 2015 (Feb/March/April) meeting took place in May, and the producer report was disseminated and is available on OAHN.ca. Top issues for discussion during the Q2 conference call included: infectious bronchitis virus, lameness, and systemic bacterial infection. The Q3 2015 survey is now available and was sent out on the OAPP listserv. The Q3 poultry conference call will take place in early September, with producer and veterinary reports to be released shortly thereafter. A representative from OAHN will be at the OAPV meeting on September 9. 

The OAHN Fish Network had its 3rd quarterly conference call and welcomed 2 representatives from industry group NOAA, and 2 veterinarians from CFIA. The network will have its third quarterly call this fall. 

The companion animal network has chosen its 3 veterinarian representatives. There were many impressive applicants, and the advisory team chose Dr. Susan Little as the Eastern Ontario rep, Dr. Emma Webster as the Southwestern Ontario rep, and Dr. Hailey Bertrand as the Northern Ontario rep. We will be sending out the first companion animal survey in September, with a conference call following. Look for the first OAHN companion animal reports this fall.