OAHN Update December 2016

Ontario Animal Health Network logoAnnual meeting: We are also excited to have had a successful annual meeting of the Disease Surveillance Plan, which took place as a workshop on October 5 at the Holiday Inn in Guelph. This workshop was beneficial for the program, as it brought together private veterinarians, government employees, professors, researchers, pathologists, and industry members to discuss how best OAHN can be utilized to help with animal health in Ontario. You can view the final report on OAHN.ca, which includes the agenda, attendees, the executive summary, and network-specific responses to all of the questions posed during the day.

New  podcasts! 

  • Lyme disease and ticks in humans and companion animals with Dr. Michelle Evason, Curtis Russell (PHO)
  • 4 part series on Salmonella Dublin, including pathology, clinical review, Salmonella Dublin in Quebec, and the current surveillance of S. Dublin being done through the OAHN Bovine Network’s project.

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Find out about recent bee health news here in the 1st OAHN bee report!

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The small ruminant network met in October.  It was a quiet quarter for sheep and goat diseases; stay tuned for the report.

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The OAHN Bovine Network released its latest reports in November, discussing the quarterly survey, calf health surveillance project, and more. The bovine network also published a four part series on Salmonella Dublin, which you can access at http://oahn.podbean.com/. If you want more information or wish to enroll in the network’s surveillance project, email Dr. Ann Godkin at ann.godkin@ontario.ca.

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The OAHN fish network released its second quarterly report in September, including an aquatic veterinary services disease summary, provincial and federal updates,  and information on the OAHN research project.

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Recent producer and vet reports can be found here.  The swine network has also created a Senecavirus A screening procedure for producers, which is available on the veterinary side of OAHN.ca.

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On these calls we discuss interesting cases with experts, and we have a listserv to trade case and treatment ideas. Email oahn@uoguelph.ca to join.

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The Q4 2016 conference call was held in November. OAHN data is also being collated for use in the upcoming producer updates across Ontario.

Small flock corner:

OAHN held its first small flock conference call on September 14th. Interesting cases in backyard flocks were discussed, with veterinarians providing expert advice. A video recording of the call with slideshows is available on the veterinary side or our site (must be signed in). You can still sign up for the Small Flock Listserv by emailing oahn@uoguelph.ca .

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The equine network released its Q3 veterinary and owner reports in November. The reports covered the following issues: muscle biopsies, recent Lawsonia cases, and survey results.  OAHN also participated in an equine disease surveillance workshop hosted by CAHSS and Equestrian Canada in Toronto.

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We now have an OAHN wildlife network!  The group includes OMNRF, OMAFRA, CWHC, OVC, and public health, and will focus on collaborating on emerging issues in the Ontario wildlife population.  The next meeting in November.  Stay tuned!

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The OAHN companion animal network released its quarterly report in November. Main discussion items included heartworm, travel-related diseases, and ticks and giardiasis.

The Companion Animal Network also published a new infographic on “Using the Best Medicine and Reducing Antibiotic Use,” which you can access here.