OAHN Update June 2016

What’s new and exciting at OAHN?

  • Network surveillance projects are underway - the 10 projects were announced in the March 2016 AHL Newsletter.
  • New podcasts:
  • Veterinary mental health podcast
  • Recognizing signs of abuse in clients
  • Rabies update
  • Getting the most from your lab samples
  • Upcoming podcast topics: Cysticercus ovis review, producer mental health, OMAFRA food and animal protection teams.
  • Top animal health links of the week. Weekly rabies update.
  • May 7th Small Flock Poultry Veterinarian Training day.

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The OAHN Bee network held its most recent quarterly conference call on March 9. A report should be out soon.

The Q1 2016 survey was distributed and completed by 27 veterinarians, with a successful distribution across

Ontario. The network had its Q1 conference call on April 25. Top items of discussion were: Cache Valley virus

and diarrhea in goat kids. Check the OAHN website for veterinary and producer reports

The OAHN Bovine network had its Q4 quarterly call in March and released its veterinary and producer

reports. The report outlined the new Salmonella Dublin project. The Q1 2015 bovine survey will be available

June 1.

The OAHN Fish network had its 6th quarterly conference call in April. A technical/producer report will be released

shortly– stay tuned!

The OAHN Swine network completed its Q1 2016 veterinary survey and had its quarterly conference call in April. Stay tuned for the report, which will be released soon!

The Alternative Species network had its latest quarterly conference call on May 13. Open to any practitioner interested in mink. Interested? Email us!

The OAHN Poultry network held its Q2 2016 conference call at the end of May. The Q1 2016 (Nov 2015—Jan

2016) reports are available on OAHN.ca. As well, the OAHN Poultry network ran a successful Small Flock Poultry Veterinarian Training session on May 7, with >30 veterinarians attending in person and online. The course notes can be accessed here: http://tinyurl.com/ (You must be logged in to OAHN to see the content). Want to connect with other small flock poultry vets? Email oahn@uoguelph.ca

The OAHN Equine network held its Q1 2016 quarterly conference call at the end of April, and the veterinary and owner reports are available now on OAHN.ca. The main discussion points in these reports were the OAHN Lyme research study, recent cases of hydrops in mares, EHV-1, and respiratory agent testing.

CWHC continues to share quarterly reports with OAHN networks. Additionally, an OAHN Wildlife group is currently being explored.

The OAHN companion animal network had its Q1 2016 conference call at the end of April, and released its veterinary report in the first week of May. Disease issues discussed included: giardiasis, tick and tick-borne disease

update, salmonellosis in BC, and a rabies update. Check out the new Tick risk infographic here (please note that you

must be signed in with a veterinary account): http://tinyurl.com/j9bbf3v

Want to receive veterinary reports? Email oahn@uoguelph.ca