Supplies list and transport media

Updated AHL supplies list

Josie Given, Rina Pigozzo, Jim Fairles

  • The AHL provides various sampling supplies at cost to our clients. We have updated the list to include 3 new products.
  • AHL now has 40-tube blood mailers available for purchase at $3/box. Ensure the survival of your specimens by shipping them in a sturdy container!
  • AHL now has larger histology containers to accommodate various tissue sizes:
    • 125 mL—$2.00, 250 mL—$3.00, and 500 mL—-$4.00.
  • The complete list is available at:

Cardboard blood tube mailer

Bacterial and viral transport media

Jim Fairles - from AHL LabNote 36

One of the most important aspects of diagnostic work is the actual sampling and handling of the samples prior to being received at the diagnostic laboratory.

The best sample for microbiology testing is usually the substrate itself – feces, tissue, or fluid in leak-proof containers (liquids, feces) or leak-proof Whirl-Pak bags (tissue, feces) (Ziplock bags are discouraged!).

Bacteriology and Mycoplasmology - AHL prefers a regular gel-based bacteriology swab.

  • Starswab Amies Clear - VP # 1350500, VWR # CA66410-103L; or
  • BD single swab - Fisher # B4320115

Virology - If swabs are needed, AHL prefers virus transport medium swabs for virology PCR tests. For some testing (PEDV), a fecal swab in VTM is preferred rather than feces. Regular gel-based bacteriology swabs are unsuitable for PCR testing. Dry swabs moistened with sterile saline in a sterile container can be used, but VTM is preferred.

  • BD™ Universal Viral Transport Standard Kit – Fisher Scientific: Catalog # 22 031 15 (Also can be used for Mycoplasma, Ureaplasma, and Chlamydia); or
  • Multitrans™ Collection and Transportation System, Starplex® VWR # CA73270-008

VTM swabs

The VTM swabs pictured above are also available from the AHL for $2.50 – please email to order.