Staying Ahead of the Curve: The Disease Surveillance Plan 2013-2018

Ontario Animal Health Network (OAHN)
Staying Ahead of the Curve: The Disease Surveillance Plan 2013-2018
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Weather related closure Sunday April 15th

The University is CLOSED on Sunday re weather - Please see below if you have an emergency!


To our valued clients- please note that there is potential for severe weather on the weekend (April 14-15) that may close the University.

This should not affect our Saturday Specimen reception hours in Guelph (9-5) but may potentially affect Sunday where we may not have any staff on site.

Easter Holiday Weekend

AHL Guelph will provide statutory holiday service on Friday – open 9-5 for receiving only.  AHL Kemptville will be closed Good Friday.

There will be normal Saturday service (For Courier - Saturday delivery will be impacted as samples sent Thursday unless addressed for Saturday delivery will be delivered Monday.)

Both AHL Guelph and AHL Kemptville will be open for business as usual on Monday April 2nd.

OAHN Announces New Funding Through OMAFRA-University of Guelph Partnership

We are pleased to announce that the next OMAFRA-University of Guelph Partnership has been finalized, providing up to 10 years of funding to programs important to agriculture for Ontarians, which includes the Ontario Animal Health Network (OAHN). OAHN will be continuing as a part of the partnership agreement, managed at the Animal Health Laboratory.

Canine Influenza in Ontario

Yesterday, it was announced that canine influenza had been verified in Ontario (see details here). If you are looking for testing, the Animal Health Lab offers the recommended PCR test (test name: Influenza A virus, matrix - PCR, test code: inflpcr, turn around time: 1-5 d).  We recommend submitting your samples in either virus transport medium, or in a red top tube with a small amo

Cold weather shipping reminder

It’s that time of year again when we need to start thinking about preventing samples from freezing. Specimens such as EDTA blood are rendered useless when frozen. Formalin will also freeze, which creates artifacts in fixed tissue. It can be difficult to protect samples shipped during the winter from severe cold. Even 10% neutral-buffered formalin will freeze in harsh winter weather conditions. To prevent formalin freezing, add 1 mL of ethanol per 10 mL of formalin.

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