BVD antigen ELISA update

Posted on Friday, October 6th, 2017

The AHL through some recent cases and some discussion among other labs has noted that the BVDV Ag ELISA is not performing to specifications, i.e., false positives) 

AHL has discontinued the BVDV antigen ELISA  and is substituting BVDV PCR. BVDV PCR provides much more flexibility in testing due to better sensitivity and specificity, pooling options, and no interference by maternal antibody. 

Please note that as PCR is more sensitive than the antigen ELISA, the PCR may need to be repeated to differentiate between persistent infection (PI) and acute infection,: 

A positive PCR result on a single sample cannot distinguish between an acutely infected animal and a PI animal. Re-test positive animals at least 3 weeks after first testing.  PI animals will be virus-positive a second time. 

Acutely infected animals that have recovered will be virus negative.

As noted previously, due to licensing issues, the AHL cannot use IHC (immunohistochemistry) for PI screening.

Please contact Jim Fairles; or 519-824-4120 ext 54611 if there are any questions or concerns about testing options and discontinuing this test.


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