Bacterial count, total aerobic, bedding





Days test started:



2-5 d

Available for:

Food Animal

Specimen Type/Volume

100 g of bedding recommended (piled, fresh, recycled, stall bedding, or bedding packs). Minimum amount required = 10 g.

Shipping Information

Ship in insulated container with freezer packs.

Collection Protocol

Collect a representative sample of bedding for testing. For a bedding pile, collect bedding from 10-12 different locations. For stalls, collect from the back third of 10-12 stalls into a clean container. Mix well and transfer ~100 g into a smaller container. Refrigerate immediately or freeze if samples will not be delivered to the lab within 72 h of collection. For freezing of samples, avoid use of -20C self-defrosting household freezers.

Additional Information

Results are reported as colony forming units per gram (cfu/g).