Biochemistry profile, small animal, generic - photometric





Days test started:



1 d

Available for:

Companion Animal

Specimen Type/Volume

1 mL serum or lithium-heparin plasma.

Shipping Information

Ship in insulated container with freezer packs.

Collection Protocol

Collect blood into a red-top vacutainer; avoid hemolysis. Allow the sample to clot. Centrifuge the sample; separate the serum from the cells and transfer to a leakproof, labelled tube. Refrigerate or freeze and ship with freezer packs. Lithium-heparin plasma is acceptable, however laboratory reference intervals are for serum samples.

Additional Information

Includes: Ca P Mg Na K Cl CO2 Angap TP alb glob A:G Ratio urea creat glu chol bili ALP GGT AST ALT CK amyl lip Na:K ratio calcOsm.