CBC, comprehensive, with manual diff, TS, food animal





Days test started:



1 d

Available for:

Food Animal

Specimen Type/Volume

2 mL EDTA blood and air-dried, labelled, peripheral blood smear.

Shipping Information

Ship in insulated container, no freezer packs required. Do not refrigerate smears.

Collection Protocol

Submit a prepared, air-dried blood smear along with the EDTA whole blood sample.

Additional Information

A comprehensive CBC includes blood smear examination by a medical laboratory technologist. This process includes a full evaluation of the feathered edge of the smear, a manual leukocyte differential count, assessment of WBC and RBC morphology, and a platelet estimate. If there are any concerns with respect to cellular morphology, toxicity, or significant changes in erythrocyte, leukocyte, or platelet numbers, the slide is forwarded to a clinical pathologist for review at no additional cost. Review by a clinical pathologist can always be requested in conjunction with a comprehensive CBC. An accompanying clinical history allows case-specific comments to be made. The inclusion of an air-dried peripheral blood smear allows assessment of cellular morphology which has not been altered by sample transport.