Cushing's profile 3 (ACTH, glucose, fT4d), equine





Days test started:



7-10 d

Available for:

Companion Animal

Specimen Type/Volume

1 mL EDTA plasma and 1.5 mL serum.

Shipping Information

Ship in insulated container with freezer packs.

Collection Protocol

For ACTH: collect blood into a plastic EDTA blood collection tube. Centrifuge and immediately transfer the plasma into a plastic shipping vial. Label sample as plasma. Freeze immediately and ship with freezer packs. For remaining analytes: collect blood into a red-top vacutainer; avoid hemolysis. Allow the sample to clot. Centrifuge the sample; separate the serum from the cells and transfer to a leakproof tube labelled as serum. Refrigerate or freeze and ship with freezer packs. Do NOT use SST blood collection tubes.

Additional Information

Free T4 is batch tested once weekly. In the User's Guide - See Clinical Pathology section - Equine endocrine testing.