Ergot alkaloids in feedstuffs (quantitative)





Days test started:

ship M-Th


10-15 d*

Available for:

Food Animal
Companion Animal

Specimen Type/Volume

200-2000 g of feedstuffs.

Shipping Information

No refrigeration required.

Collection Protocol

Sample from a minimum of 5 locations. Recommend that each portion be ~ 200 g and that 1 portion be taken for every 200 kg of product. If the sample is too large, blend and submit a representative subsample (~1 kg).

Additional Information

This test is sent to an external laboratory. The panel tests for the following: Ergocornine + Ergocorninine, Ergocristine + Ergocristinine, Ergocryptine + Ergocryptinine, Ergometrine + Ergometrinine, Ergosine + Ergosinine, Ergotamine + Ergotaminine, Total Ergot. Shipping (test code: xtrnc) and handling (test code: xhand) fees are also applicable on each submission. External test price is subject to change.