Mast cell tumor (MCT) - prognostic panel





Days test started:

ship M-Th


10-15 d*

Available for:

Companion Animal

Specimen Type/Volume

Paraffin block or fresh or formalin fixed tissue or minimum of 10 unstained, non-coverslipped, positively charged slides.

Shipping Information

Ship tissue samples in a leakproof container. Please wrap primary container in a sealable bag to help contain the sample if damaged during shipment.

Collection Protocol

Test Includes: IHC - c-Kit, IHC - Ki-67, PCR C-Kit Exon 8, PCR C-Kit Exon 11, Agnor Special Staining.

Additional Information

Shipping (test code: xtrnu) and handling (test code: xhand) fees are also applicable on each submission. External test price is subject to change.