Vitamin D, toxicity profile (PTH, Ca, vit D)





Days test started:

ship M-Th


10-15 d*

Available for:

Food Animal
Companion Animal

Specimen Type/Volume

1.5 mL serum.

Shipping Information

Ship in insulated container with freezer packs.

Collection Protocol

1) Collect blood into a red-top tube. Allow serum to clot at room temp for 30 to 60 min prior to separation. Centrifuge to separate serum from the clot. Transfer serum into leakproof tube. Refrigerate sample until shipment. Avoid exposure to light.

Additional Information

This test is sent to an external laboratory. Profile includes PTH, ionized calcium, and 25-hydroxyvitamin D. Interpretation of results by veterinary endocrinologist automatically included. Shipping (test code: xtrnu) and handling (test code: xhand) fees are also applicable on each submission. External test price is subject to change.