User account

How do I get a client login for access?

To get access, please contact AHL at and we will give you the password. To get the password, you must be one of our veterinary clients.

What does  this client login give access to?

Logging in to the AHL website allows our veterinary clients to view the:

  • AHL Fee Schedule (with fees)

  • Tutorial on how to access results and invoices online

  • AHL Photo and Video Gallery

It also allows our clients to order AHL Submission Forms.

All other AHL information is publicaly accessible on this site.

My Password Doesn't Work

The password will be changed yearly. If your password stops working, it has probably been changed. You will need to get a new one from us.  If you have the correct username and password and you still cannot login, you probably do not have Session Cookies turned on. To turn them on, see How To Enable Cookies.