Academic Advisors

Faculty Advisors and Program Counsellors are two separate services that exist to help students with questions and issues about their degree and specializations. But the two services have distinct purposes: Program Counsellors help students with their degree program, while Faculty Advisors help with a specialization or area of study. For example, the BAS Program Counsellor helps BAS students with BAS-related questions and issues, while the French Faculty Advisor helps students answer questions and resolve issues with their French minor.

Broken down below are the services provided by each, as well as their contact information.

Program Counsellors

Program Counsellors work with students at the degree level helping them to understand the requirements of their degree, the rules/policies of the university, and help to navigate the resources at the university. If you are a BAS student, visit the Program Counsellor page for more details and instructions concerning these services, and for additional contact information.

Reasons you may visit/contact the BAS Program Counsellor Include:

  • Graduation checks
  • Degree Planning
  • Navigating academic difficulties 
  • Academic consideration and standing/probation
  • Dropping a course
  • Adding a course after the add deadline
  • Help understanding a university policy or the academic calendar
  • Dealing with a missed FINAL exam or assignment
  • Requesting a Letter of Permission for taking a course at another university for credit
  • Any issues (e.g. registration) with ASCI courses
  • Transferring into or out of the BAS program


Faculty/Academic Advisors

Your Faculty Advisors (sometimes called Academic Advisors) depend entirely on which specialization you need assistance with. The Faculty Advisor has expertise in the specialization. Each specialization has an advisor (usually a professor) that can help students understand what that specialization requires, paths forward, courses they should take, etc.  Click here to find the Faculty Advisor for the minor you need assistance with.

Reasons you may visit the BAS Program Counsellor Include:

  • Specialization requirements
  • Questions about course substitutions
  • Questions about enrolling in a course that is full or restricted
  • Career opportunities
  • Graduate program opportunities