Declaring & Changing Minors

When Should I Declare my Minors?

You can declare and change your minors at any time during your undergraduate program. That being said, we recommend declaring them during first year, since enrolment in certain courses is restricted by specialization. Declaring your minor early can save you from jumping through hoops during course selection in later years. Students can change their minor(s) at any time by refilling in the declaration form, if you are changing your minor it is recommended you speak with the Program Counsellor to ensure you are on track for degree completion.

Please be aware that your academic calendar year is the year you started your degree. You can opt to switch your calendar to a newer year, but you can never switch to an older year. 


Watch the Official Presentation on Declaring Minors

The BAS Program Counsellor has created a presentation for BAS students about declaring specializations. You can watch it by following this link. To view or download a PDF of the presentation (which includes a step-by-step guide to completing the form for declaring minors - skip to slide 17 for that), click here.


How Do I Declare my Minors?

Declaring minors is done by completing an Undergraduate Schedule of Studies Change Request Form. The steps are as follows:

  1. The easiest option is to complete the form digitally (requires Adobe Reader, Microsoft Edge, or another compatible PDF viewer). If you can't print it yourself, you can get a blank form at the BAS Program Counsellor's office.
  2. Once completed, make sure you sign it. You also need the signature of the BAS Program Counsellor. Students may wish to book an appointment to ensure they understand the rules of the minor(s), however, a meeting is not mandatory and students can opt to just drop the form off at the BAS Office (MacKinnon RM128) for signature. 
    • NOTE: If you are declaring Studio Art or CJPP (Criminal Justice & Public Policy) as a minor, please read this footnote!
  3. That's it! The BAS Program Counsellor will contact you when the form has been signed and then all that remains is to submit the form at the Office of the Registrar on the third floor of the University Centre. The Office is open from 8:30-4:15 on weekdays (9:30-4:15 on Thursdays). Click here if you need more information.


How to Complete the Form

If you need help completing the form, please read the BAS Program Counsellor's official guide! Click here to view or download the guide.


Special Case: Studio Art & CJPP Minors

The Studio Art and the CJPP minors require that students complete a core set of courses and achieve a 70% average to declare them. Please see the academic calendar for each specialization (link: Studio Art, CJPP) to see which courses are required.