Declaring & Changing Minors

The Basics

Fill out required information here: ORS - Schedule of Studies (

Added Notes

Please be aware that your academic calendar year is the year you started your degree. You can opt to switch your calendar to a newer year, but you can never switch to an older year. 

The Studio ArtCJPP and FCS minors require that students complete a core set of courses and achieve a 70% average to declare them. In the meantime you can declare your science minor as you work on these courses!

When Should I Declare my Minors?

Enrollment in certain courses is restricted by specialization (majors/minors). Therefore, declaring your minors early will aid in a smoother course selection experience.

If you are coming to Guelph knowing your intended minors, we recommend declaring right away so they can be in place for your first course selection. If you are coming to Guelph to explore a bit, that's great too. If you have a particular area you are excited to explore, it's worth declaring as your minor to aid in course selection.

Students can change their minor(s) at any time by refilling in the declaration form. So there is no harm in declaring early, and changing your mind later.