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How will the minimum wage increase affect employers and employees?

Need to know:

Ontario's minimum wage increase may result in more layoffs, and those who manage to keep their jobs may be faced with bigger workloads.

Passing the extra cost onto consumers would help employers afford higher wages only if it’s implemented industry-wide

The amount of notice an employee receives before a layoff varies based on industry.

How does fast-food advertising affect children?

Need to know:

Children are not always capable of understanding between fact and fiction in advertising.

Restrictions to fast-food advertising in Quebec resulted in a significant drop in childhood obesity.

Francophone children have a lower recall rate and brand preference vs. Anglophone children in Quebec.

How does nutrition labeling affect consumer behaviour?

From low-fat to fat-free, sugar-free to no sugar added, it’s easy to get confused by food labels. If you have trouble making healthy choices at the grocery store, a new food labeling system could help make grocery shopping easier.

Marketing and consumer studies professors Tirtha Dhar and Tanya Mark, along with Alison Duncan, a professor in the Department of Human Health and Nutritional Sciences, are working with a Canadian food retailer to study the effectiveness of the store’s point-based nutrition labeling system that ranks foods according to their nutritional value.

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