Announcing Inose/Field Trip 2021

Posted on Monday, September 27th, 2021

Fill up your water bottle, put on some sunscreen and join us for Inose/Field Trip!

Imagining Climates, the Guelph Institute of Environmental Research (GIER), the Arboretum and the College of Arts are thrilled to share the final installment of Imagining Climates’ 2021 programming, Inose/Field Trip.

Inose/Field Trip is a sound-walk created by Indigenous theatre artist Yolanda Bonnell in conversation with Dr. Jesse Popp, Chair in Indigenous Environmental Stewardship at the University of Guelph, with soundscapes by Guelph-based sound artist Dawn Matheson, and dramaturgy/producing by Creative Writing MFA student and theatre artist Natasha Greenblatt who has previously collaborated with Bonnell.

Inose [Ee-no-say] means to walk in a certain way, to a certain place. This 25-minute sound walk is an intimate aural experience emerging from the fertile collaboration between artist Yolanda Bonnell and scientist Dr. Jesse Popp, two Anishinaabe leaders deeply engaged with Indigenous knowledge systems in their different fields. Inose/Field Trip encourages participants to connect with their surroundings, awakening curiosity and the potential for new relationships with the natural world.

You can listen to Inose/Field Trip anywhere, but we offer up the possibility that you experience it as a walking meditation outdoors, in country or city, even in the Arboretum, which initially inspired it and where it can be accessed via QR code. We invite you to listen while you move with us in a safe, outdoor space. If that is not possible, you can listen at home and use your imagination. There is no wrong path!

Visit the Imagining Climates website for more information and to experience this beautiful piece.

Inose/Field Trip was commissioned by Imagining Climates, a project of the Guelph Institute for Environmental Research, in collaboration with the Arboretum, with support from the College of Arts.

The Arboretum is a 400 acre greenspace adjacent to campus that aims to connect people to nature and enhance teaching, research, and outreach at the University.

Originally envisioned as a symposium investigating the role of the imagination in responses to the climate crisis across disciplines, Imagining Climates pivoted with the pandemic to an online platform. We have hosted a series of cross-disciplinary Climate Conversations, Micro-Climate Stories, and now are thrilled to share Inose/Field Trip with the public.

The Guelph Institute for Environment Research seeks to accelerate research that will enhance our understanding of the environment, benefit Canadians and people globally, and transform Guelph into a global centre for environmental study. The institute provides institutional recognition that the significant contributions are often to be found at interdisciplinary boundaries.

For more information contact GIER.

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