Beyond the Classroom

Engineering Research Groups

Enhance your experience and be part of one of our Engineering research groups. Develop your skills, network, and challenge yourself. 

Advance Robotics and Intelligent Systems (ARIS) Lab

The Advance Robotics and Intelligent Systems (ARIS) Lab in the School of Engineering is directed by Dr. Simon X. Yang. Theoretical and practical research in diversified areas, including but not limited to, intelligent systems, robotics, control systems, neural networks, soft computing, sensory perception, and computational neuroscience is carried out in the lab. The research projects are funded by NSERC, MMO, OMFRA, AAFC, and industrial partners.

Canadian Design Engineering Network

Canadian Design Engineering Network is a national initiative to improve Canada's capacity to teach and practice design engineering.

Guelph Watershed Research Groups

The Guelph Watershed Research Group fosters collaboration with persons from various university and government departments with expertise in a diversity of disciplines such as soil science, geography, meteorology, environmental biology, landscape architecture and economics.

Ontario Rural Wastewater Centre

The Ontario Rural Wastewater Centre was created by the University of Guelph (Collège d'Alfred and the School of Engineering) in partnership with the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority and many industry and government stakeholders. The Centre has demonstration sites in Central Ontario at the University of Guelph and paired sites in Eastern Ontario at Collège d' Alfred and at the Baxter Conservation Area. The sites offer a wide variety of wastewater courses utilizing demonstration technologies to provide a truly hands-on learning experience. The Centre researchers bring decades of applied research experience to bear on problems related to rural and unsewered wastewaters.

Urban Systems Environmental Design (USED) Centre

Guelph’s entire community is acting as our living dynamic design lab to provide the setting for advancing environmental design engineering education and capabilities. Advancing design education will be achieved through bringing the real, practical environmental challenges of the community into our classrooms and into the minds of our students. Advancing design capabilities will be achieved through developing and demonstrating tools to reduce the environmental impact of urban communities in an integrated manner. An Urban Systems Environmental Design (USED) Centre has been created to facilitate bringing people together to achieve our design goals.

VLSI Microelectronics and MEMS Lab Group

The Guelph VLSI Microelectronics and MEMS Lab Group is currently an ad hoc group consisting of University Faculty and Students interested in the field of VLSI and Microelectronics Design.