Current Students

The University of Guelph provides many opportunities for women and gender minorities in STEM to get involved with the school outside of the classroom. Mentoring, Volunteering and Research opportunities are a great way to get more involved with the school.

Mentoring Opportunities

Organization Mentor Mentee Approach Commitment

Women in Science and Engineering



Student Run


Our goal at WiSE is to encourage and empower individuals entering the STEM fields through community outreach, professional development, and hands-on skills.

A few hours per semester helping with outreach events.

Big Sisters/Little Sisters



Upper year engineering students

Incoming and second year engineering students

For BSLS, you can write BSLS is a mentorship program that aims to support women in engineering, by providing first and second year women in engineering, with mentors who are upper year students. BSLS aims to reduce feelings of imposter syndrome and provide a support system for women in engineering. 

Up to the student, usually an hour every other week.

Scientista at Guelph


Upper year students in any STEM program  Incoming and second year students in any STEM program Scientista provides community, resources, and networking for students in STEMM (science, technology, engineering, math, & medicine) programs at UofG. In our mentorship program, upper year students get the opportunity to build their leadership skills, and lower year students gain a like-minded role model to guide them on their undergraduate journey.  Up to the discretion of the pair, but typically an hour every 2-4 weeks. A few program-wide events will be held through the year. 

GirlsSySTEM: Guelph Chapter


Post-secondary students (undergraduate and graduate level), and professionals (post-doctoral fellows, research faculty)  High school students Our program aims to increase diversity in the STEM workforce by pairing students in grades 7-12 with professional mentors from a diverse range of fields. In doing so, our mentees are able to acquire first-hand knowledge of STEM early on in their academic careers, which we hope will be vital in building the confidence they need in order to break into historically (and presently!) male-dominated spheres. We also promise to provide our mentees with critical insight into various STEM careers so that they are given the ability to make more informed decisions about their futures. Semesterly and yearly. Be able to commit at least 2-hours a month to one-on-one mentorship

CORE Mentorship Program


Staff or faculty in an area of the student’s interest (Second year and above) Black and racialized students CORE (Creating Opportunities for Racial Equity) is a mentorship program for Black and racialized students at the University of Guelph. CORE pairs upper-year (second year and above) Black and racialized students with a Black or racialized professional, staff or faculty in an area of the student’s interest to support students with building meaningful connections, developing a strong social and professional network, and establishing a community on campus and in Guelph broadly.  

Geeky Latin@s


Latin profesional women
Latinas between 12 and 18 years of age.

We need profesionals, leaders, and new technology to understand and solve complex local and global problems in the present and immediate future. Equal opportunities in education and in the job market are fundamental in these processes.


Undergraduate Mentoring Program


Upper-year First-year students  The SES Mentoring Program aims to provide mentorship to first-year students entering the School of Environmental Sciences by pairing first-year students with an upper-year (3rd or 4th year) mentor, who will act as a resource to answer questions, connect their mentees with University resources and services, and offer social support in order to ease students' transition into university.  Mentors and mentees will meet twice a month for 30 minutes through the virtual platform of their choice.

STEMing UP Program



13 to 17 year old BIPOC girls and gender non-conforming youth in Ontario

Based in Toronto, Canada, hEr VOLUTION is the go to place for youth, particularly young women from underserved communities to come to in order to advance in 21st Century Skills. We exist to create opportunities for the next generation of women in STEM connecting them with leaders in the industry for career support.   


Volunteering Opportunities

Organization Mentor Mentee Approach Commitment

Volunteering in Women in STEM UG Outreach


Jean Hein

Jana Levison

High School, Undergraduates,  and Graduates Elementary to High school students If you are interested in volunteering and planning these initiatives reach out to us.  We can chat about opportunities and what works for you;  Events such as Go ENG Girl, Go CODE Girl, Girl Guide Days and Creative Encounter initiatives.

A few hours per semester helping with outreach events.




Research opportunities

Job Title Requirement Description    

Undergraduate Research Assistant - Doody Family URA on Development of Solar Assisted Food Coolers and Refrigerators 


Undergraduates The URA will work on the development of a sustainable food packaging, storing, and cooling system. The particular emphasis of the URA’s work will be on the integration of a solar Photovoltaic panel on the food packaging system. This is primarily an experimental work, where the URA will get an opportunity for teamwork with other MASc and PhD students.