Degree Requirements - for students enrolled prior to Fall 2019

Degree Requirements

An MEng program differs from the MASc program in that the program is more structured with a broader and less-specialized scope. The prescribed program consists of at least 8 courses plus a final project (5.0 credits).  This includes 2.5 credits from the program core and 2.5 credits chosen from approved courses. No more than 1.0 of these credits may be from senior undergraduate engineering courses as approved by the SOE Associate Director, Graduate Studies, and no more than 1.5 credits may be from courses offered outside the School of Engineering. For the final project (1.0 credit) the student will consult with his/her advisor for an approved topic. If make-up courses are deemed necessary, they will be considered additional courses.

Final Project Examination

As part of the degree requirements, each student must obtain a satisfactory standing in a final examination of the project based upon a written report plus an oral examination of the material in the report. This examination will normally be taken during the final semester of the program. The SOE Associate Director, Graduate Studies will arrange for an examining committee of two faculty members including the advisor, who will act as Chair.  

For outlines of each MEng graduate program, please consult the links below: