Engineering Systems and Computing

PhD, MASc, MEng

Today electronics and computers are embedded in all engineering systems. As a graduate student you will develop and implement such systems in a rich and multidisciplinary environment.

The integration of systems, the interaction of components, from mechanical to electrical, and the achievement of efficient and reliable operation are the aim of the Systems and Computer Engineering program. Our students build skills, knowledge, and expertise to make a contribution in developing and implementing the technology for the 21st century. There are few other programs with the same range of activities and opportunities.

Areas of Research 


  • Analysis of Temperature Distribution for Ventilated Dry-Type Transformers
  • Bandwidth Bargain Model
  • Development of a Neural Processor
  • Generation of chaos in integrated circuits

Microelectronics and Microsystems

  • Integrated self-powered wireless node for distributed micro-sensor
  • networks
  • Intelligent Noise Reduction for Acoustic Signal Processing: A
  • Hardware/Software Co-Design Approach
  • Low-power analog integrated circuits
  • Low-power models and methodologies with applications to
  • embedded systems and cryptography

Biomedical Systems

  • Adaptive Bio-microsystems using smart materials and FPGAs
  • A Unified Congestion Driven Power Aware Methodology for VLSI
  • Physical Design Automation
  • An Intelligent Rehabilitation Robotic Systems for Limb
  • Injury Recovery


  • Microsystems Laboratory
  • Intelligent Systems Laboratory
  • Microelectronics and MEMS Laboratory
  • Advanced Robotics and Intelligent Systems Laboratory