Gryphon Racing


Gryphon Racing is a team of students at the University of Guelph. Together, these students run an applied engineering and design club at that, each year, designs, builds and races an open-wheeled, high performance race car. Each year, the team travels to international competitions overseen by the Society of Automotive Engineering where hundreds of teams from around the world gather to partake in a series of events to prove their designs to industry leading engineering judges. The largest event of the season, FSAE Michigan, hosts 120 teams with over 2000 students, hundreds of volunteers and many major corporate sponsors.   

Founded in 2002, Gryphon Racing competed with its first car in less than a year. Since then, the team has constructed 14 cars, including the first ever gas powered all-wheel-drive car to compete at a FSAE competition. When designing the new cars, the team improves on past designs from the constructive criticism, suggestions and insight of the competition judges, as well as brainstormed ideas of the team members. The team is now entering its 16th season and we have set a series of goals that we would like to achieve for the 2018 season which include winning the acceleration event at FSAE Michigan 2018. To achieve these goals we have already begun working to further improve our designs such that our new car is lighter and faster than ever before.

The team members engage in regular meetings, design work, fabrication, machine shop work and much more. The team members use skills and knowledge gained from courses in their curriculum, personal hobbies and past work experience to assist the designing, building, testing and racing of the car. Upon graduation, members leave the team with in-depth knowledge of project management, clever and creative problem solving and knowledge in quality design process.

Gryphon Racing Team, Fall 2018

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