Tips and Tutorials

Tips: Before Recording Your Screencast

Preparing for a screencast is half the battle. This tip video guides you through the important parts of the pre-recording process including writing a script, best practices of screencasting, and recording your narration. 

Tips: Using A Webcam During Screencasting

If webcams are your primary method for recording videos, it’s important to be aware of how you present yourself. This tip video will provide the basics on external and built-in webcams and will help you set up your background, position, lighting, and microphone for a successful screen capture.

Tips: Holding Your Viewer's Attention During Screencasts

One of the most difficult things about creating videos is holding people’s attention. Presentation and execution are crucial. This tip video offers a few different ideas on how to make your videos more engaging for your viewers so they’ll stick around. 

More videos to come...