Recording and Streaming Studios

Engineering Recording Studios

The School of Engineering has 4 lecture recording studios set up for Instructors to pre-record lecture material or conduct live-stream lectures using web-conferencing options. Each studio will be equiped with the following equipment:

  • Desktop computer
  • Webcam and webcam stand
  • ELMO Document camera
  • Microphone and speakers

The lecture studios have been set up in the student breakout rooms off of the atrium. To book a recording studio, click one of the links below:

For information on using the recording studios, including what to bring and tips for running a meeting click here

Please Note: You will not be able to use your own laptop in the Engineering Recording Studios. There is a desktop computer available for your use. If you wish to use your own laptop, Open Learning and Educational Support have recording studios available that can be used with personal devices. 

Bring your Own Computer Recording Studios

OpenEd has 6 classrooms set up to allow Instructors to record lectures, each with a camera, microphone and document camera.

To take advantage of OpenEd's recording studios, please fill out the following two forms and email them to along with a request to use a recording studio.

Please Note: Instructors will need to bring their own laptop which will be used in combination with the available equipment.