Kim Thomas

Kim Thomas - NANS Alumnus 2002 - Health physicist at Bruce Power 

I graduated in April 2002 with a BSc with Honours in Nutritional and Nutraceutical Science.

I currently work as a Health Physicist at Bruce Power, the soon-to-be largest nuclear site in the world.  I love my job because it incorporates so many of the things I enjoy: science, health, safety and working with people towards a shared goal.

The University of Guelph taught me many things, it's difficult to say which is the most valuable as they all contribute to my success. University taught me how to research and learn independently and how to work with others to finish an assignment well.  Of most value to my career is the science and math, particularly on how the body works. Scientific principles from nutritional science can be applied to other areas.  For example, how food toxins affect the body can be applied to how radiation affects the body.

U of G had the university atmosphere that I was looking for, there was a reputation for world renowned education with great lecturers but it was also small enough that you could walk from class to class and say hello to several friends or professors along the way.

The advice I would give current undergraduate students and future students is to enjoy yourself while you're at the University, make the friendships that will last a lifetime.  Living on campus your first year in a "cluster" with others in your program is a great way to meet those interested in the same things as yourself.  Use your summers to work in your field of interest if you can, it's a great way to build connections and network yourself in to a great job when you graduate.  Good Luck!