Mandatory Safety Training for New Personnel

New Personnel Safety Training

All new personnel are required to complete four online safety courses available through the EHS training site,, and everyone has the ability to self-register as soon as they have a central login and password.

The four mandatory modules are: 

  1. Laboratory Safety
  2. EHS BioSafety
  3. WHMIS
  4. EHS Worker Health and Safety Awareness

Once you register for the courses they can be completed through CourseLink,
Be sure to save a PDF copy and make a printed copy of the certificates of completion for each of the four courses. 

Your faculty member / advisor must receive hard copies of all safety certificates before marking the courses off as completed on the Safety Orientation Record (Part A), and signing the document. Once the orientation training is complete and the record fully signed, a PDF copy of all training certificates and the Safety Orientation Record (Part A) should be sent to the Main Office as a single PDF. 

For any questions regarding health and safety in HHNS, please refer to the HHNS Health & Safety Summary Sheet, or feel free to contact a member of the HHNS LJHSC.