Faculty Academic Advisors

Fall 2021 Course Enrolment

For each of the majors offered within the department there are faculty advisors to help answer major specific questions. They are there to provide:

  • Specific course information for majors and minors

  • Information about specializations within majors

  • Transcript evaluations for graduation

  • Course substitutions

  • Career opportunities

Faculty Advisors for the programs are:

Bio-Medical Science

Dr. B. Kalisch, Dr. P. Bartlewski
*Please contact Kim Best (kbest@uoguelph.ca), ext. 54918 to schedule an appointment.

Human Kinetics

Dr. S.H.M. Brown - Please email to schedule an appointment.

Nutritional and Nutraceutical Sciences Major/Minor

Dr. G. Newton - Please email to schedule an appointment.