Yoga Speaker Series 2021: Panel Discussion and Q&A

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ONLINE: Join UofG Yoga Speaker Series 2021.  Zoom meeting ID: 954 8412 8908


Yoga Speaker Series 2021: Panel Discussion and Q&A Poster


UofG Yoga Speaker Series

Panel Discussion and Q&A

Join us on your yoga mat for our final event of the Yoga Speaker Series 2021 "Panel Discussion and Q&A" with all five of the speakers on April 22nd at 12:00 PM EST (Toronto). Closing remarks for the series will be by Daniel Atlin, Vice-President (External), University of Guelph. 


Here is the link to join the meeting: Zoom meeting ID: 954 8412 8908.


Find a full schedule and details on our website ( You can also find the recordings, a feedback form, and our social media accounts on our website. Please watch the recordings before the event, provide your feedback/comments, and send your questions in advance to our panellists at


Please share this event with friends, colleagues, students, staff, faculty, alumni, retirees, visitors, etc. and all in your networks for multidimensional benefits from the Science of Yoga. And please join with Family and Friends.


This event is sponsored by the Wellness@Work U of Guelph and is hosted by UofG Yoga and Meditation Collective.

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