Registered Kinesiologist

Registered Kinesiologist


College of Kinesiologists of Ontario

News: The CKO recently released the Essential Competencies of Practice for Kinesiologists in Ontario, in an effort to build upon and expand the Kinesiologist Core Competency Profile. Click here for more information

In order to work as a kinesiologist in Ontario, you must be registered with the College of Kinesiologists of Ontario (CKO).  The CKO is the regulatory body for the profession of kinesiology in Ontario, and is responsible for ensuring and protecting the public's right to quality service, by establishing the requirements necessary for compotent, safe, and ethical practice by kinesiology professionals.

For information about the College, including how to register and the entry-to-practice exam, please visit

If you have any questions about the CKO please contact our CKO Liaison, Dr. Lori Vallis.



Ontario Kinesiology Association

The Ontario Kinesiology Association (OKA) represents the kinesiology profession and engages in advocacy work on behalf of its members.  The OKA works to promote and support kinesiologists,and have them recognized as leading healthcare professionals in the field of human movement

For information about the association and how to become a member, please visit

If you have any questions about the OKA please contact our OKA Liaison, Dr. John Srbely.