MSc Semester 6


  • UNIV*7510*01 Active Full-time Registration or UNIV*7520*01 Active Part-time Registration
  • UNIV*7500*01 Research/Writing

Progress Reports

Complete a Graduate Student Progress Report for Semester 5

Thesis Guidelines

Review the Thesis Guidelines from the Office of Graduate Studies.

Weeks to Defense

This is a guideline based on the defence taking place at the beginning of the W24 exam period. Please note that you must submit your thesis and a complete Exam Request Form to the department by Tuesday, July 2nd, 2024 to ensure* a S24 defense date. You may still submit your thesis and completed Exam Request Form to the department after this date and we will do our best to arrange your exam as quickly as possible, but we then cannot guarantee a S24 defence date. 

  • 10 weeks to Defense - Monday, May 27th, 2024
    • Student and Advisor agree that the thesis is ready for examination. Advisory Committee members review the thesis as they would a manuscript submitted for publication.
    • Check and clear potential copyright issues with including already published chapters in your thesis: Intellectual Property Issues
  • 8 weeks to Defense - Tuesday, June 10th, 2024
    • Advisory Committee members return the thesis to the student with their written comments, discussing the comments with the student as necessary. Student revises the thesis as he or she deems appropriate.
    • Note the last day to apply to graduate at Summer Convocation without late application fee is June 20th. Apply to graduate now.
  • 7 weeks to Defense - Monday, June 17th, 2024
    • Student submits a "fair copy" of the proposed final version of thesis to each member of their Advisory Committee for final review
    • obtain their signatures on the Examination Request Form
  • 6 weeks to Defense - Monday, June 24th, 2024
    • Faculty will normally return the draft thesis, with written comments, to the student within 1 week of receipt. Students are encouraged to plan well in advance and to select a target date for the defense that leaves ample time afterward should the thesis be judged satisfactory but require revision. Committee Members must indicate on the Examination Request form whether they find the thesis to be ready for examination, and choose one of the options indicating in what state they deem the thesis to be. Student submits thesis in electronic format and the completed Exam Request Form to the Graduate Program Assistant.
  • 5 weeks to Defense - Monday, July 2nd, 2024
    • Student will submit an electronic copy of the final version of the thesis along with the Examination Request Form to the Graduate Program Assistant. If this deadline is met, the Department will make every effort to ensure that the student defends before the end of the semester, but no sooner than 2 weeks. In truly exceptional and uncontrollable circumstances, the Department may attempt to accommodate an Examination Request that is received after this date, but cannot ensure that a defense will take place before the semester has officially ended.  The Graduate Program Coordinator appoints the Examination Committee. The thesis is distributed to the Examination Committee along with defense information once the Graduate Program Assistant identifies a day and time that is agreeable to all Committee members.

*****You must submit your thesis and a complete Exam Request Form to the department by Tuesday, July 2nd to ensure a S24 defense date.*****


Completion Time

  • Class Level 6 (or 6 full-time semesters) is the completion period.
  • Maximum registration If timely defense does not occur:
    • Plan of Study and Progress Report must be submitted to A & P by the 20th class day of Class Level 7 (or 7 full-time semesters)
    • If approved, continuation is permitted through Class Levels 7 and 8 (or 7 and 8 full-time semesters) to a Maximum Program Duration with the approved Plan of Study.
    • Class level 9 (or 9 full-time semesters) is the Maximum Program Duration The Appeal for Extension of the Maximum Program Duration Form must be submitted to A & P by the 20th class day.