MSc Semester 1

New Graduate Student Orientation


  • UNIV*7510*01 Active Full-time Registration or UNIV*7520*01 Active Part-time Registration
  • UNIV*7500*01 Research/Writing
  • IBI0*6630, Scientific Communication (or in second semester). If you start in the summer semester, you will have to wait one semester before you can take this course.
  • Provisional status - description

Department Contacts

  • Caitlin Brookbanks - Integrative Biology Administrative Officer: Science Complex 2482
    • GTA information
    • Payroll
  • Kate Artuso - IB Graduate Program Assistant: Science Complex 2483
    • Questions about graduate program
    • FAQs
  • Ryan Kenwell - IB Academic Services Assistant: Science Complex 2484
    • Office assignments
    • Keys
    • Room and projector bookings
    • Renting departmental vans

Lab Safety Training

The following safety courses must be taken:

  • The Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Lab Safety Course, which is now offered online
  • The 3 CBS on-line safety modules (you will automatically be enrolled in your first semester)

Animal Care Instruction

If you will utilize vertebrate animals in your research and/or will be working as a teaching assistant in a course involving vertebrate animals, you must complete the requirements stipulated in the Animal User Training Program. The program includes online modules and hands-on workshops. The online course is mandatory for all. Additional species- specific workshops may be required depending on the field of research and type of animal use. The training must be completed prior to commencement of your animal-based work. The online modules are offered at regular intervals throughout the year and registration is accepted online at the Animal Care Services (ACS).

Academic Integrity

Academic integrity for Graduate students (UNIV*7100) is a course that must be completed by the 20th class date.

GTA Assignment

  • Submit an application for GTA assignment
    • In most cases, your minimum stipend includes one full unit (140 hours) of a Graduate Teaching Assistantship (GTA) per year. This will be indicated in your offer of admission.
    • Your application allows the department to determine your interests and suitability for particular courses.
    • Please keep in mind that there are many students in the department applying for GTAs each semester and it may not be possible to assign your your first (or only) choice. Thus, you are strongly encouraged to indicate several courses on your application. A document describing how the Department assigns GTAs to graduate students each semester is appended to this letter.
    • The majority of the GTA units offered by the Department are available in the Fall and Winter semesters, with more in Fall than Winter. There are very few available in the summer. Thus;
    • You are strongly advised to apply for a GTA unit in the first semester of each year in which you are entitled to one. Moreover, if you are not able to accept a GTA in Fall or Winter due to special circumstances (e.g. field work off campus), you must advise the Integrative Biology Administrative Assistant as soon as possible so that she can factor this into GTA planning.
    • In addition, if you will be on campus and are offered a GTA assignment for which you are qualified, the Department has met its obligation to provide you with GTA support in a particular year even if you decline the offer. Thus, if there are insufficient GTA units available for all applicants in the following semester (excluding summer), you may not receive one that year. In that case, compensation for the shortfall in your annual stipend for that year will be at your advisor's discretion.

Advisory Committee

Graduate Coursework

  • Select 1.5 credits of graduate coursework:
    • 1.0 in addition to IBIO*6630, Scientific Communication (see above) in consultation with AC