PhD Semester 2


  • UNIV*7510*01 Active Full-time Registration or UNIV*7520*01 Active Part-time Registration
  • UNIV*7500*01 Research/Writing

Progress Reports

Thesis Proposal

  • Write thesis proposal
    • end product from IBIO*6630 (if course was taken)

Advisory Committee Appointment

  • You will be required to submit an Advisory Committee Appointment and Degree Program Form by the 20th class day of your 2nd semester. This GryphForm is reviewed by the Graduate Program Assistant, your Advisor, your Co-advisor (if applicable), the Graduate Program Coordinator and the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (OGPS). Your registration for semester 3 will be blocked if you fail to submit either part of the form. Please do not submit a separate Degree Program Form (unless it is a revision to an initially approved version), as one will automatically be generated with submission of the Advisory Committee Appointment section. 
  • If you want to have an non-University of Guelph faculty member on your advisory committee and/or as a co-advisor, your advisor will have to fill in an Graduate Faculty Nomination form, and submit it together with a recent CV to the Graduate Program Assistant. This will then be evaluated by the Graduate Studies Committee, CBS Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Studies, and finally by the Board of Governers of Graduate Studies who will approve or deny Graduate Faculty status for the nominee.
  • Schedule first Advisory Committee Meeting