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News related to Featured alumnus

Photo of Kent Santin

Fresh Perspective on Sustainability from a CME Alumnus

We reached Kent Santin at his post graduate campus, Columbia University, in New York City where he is currently pursuing his Masters in Sustainability Management. “The program draws upon the most sophisticated environmental measurement tools, cutting-edge environmental science, and world class management and policy studies to help students fully understand the systematic and organizational role of sustainability in any organization.” (

Rob Henderson's photo

For Mature Student, Rob Henderson, Age is Just a Number

When Rob Henderson decided to go back to school at the age of 35, he knew he was going to be one of the oldest students in his class, but that didn’t stop him from enrolling as a mature student at the University of Guelph. “I’ve always wanted to do that,” says Henderson, who received his B.Comm. at winter convocation 2012. “Growing up, I had to leave school early and go to work, so I’ve always tried to upgrade.”

Photo of Lee Piccoli

Lee Piccoli - Building a Foundation for Success

Lee Piccoli couldn’t wait to graduate from U of G and start his own business. While his fellow classmates were applying for jobs, he left a few credits shy of graduation in 1997 to follow his dream. It was a risky decision, but it paid off for Piccoli, who is now the president of Fusion Homes, a house-building company that topped $50 million in sales this year.

Photo of Lena Lam

Lena Lam - Let Your Conscience Guide Your Wallet

What you buy is just as important as how and where it was made, says Lena Lam, one of the co-founders of Ethical Ocean (, an online marketplace that sells more than 4,500 ethical products from food and clothing to cosmetics and electronics. “I think it’s important to know that our purchasing decisions have an effect on society and the planet,” says Lam, B.Comm. ’05 and M.Sc. ’08.

Photo of Trevor and Chris Williams

Bottling Up Success - Trevor and Chris Williams

At first glance, the Bottle Bin looks like any other recycling bin, but it’s not a blue box; it’s a black box designed for collecting empty beer, wine and liquor bottles. Fill it with ice, and it also doubles as a cooler. If you’ve ever struggled with carrying a cardboard box full of empties to the liquor store, only to have the box fall apart in the parking lot, you’re not alone. Trevor Williams, B.Comm. ’09, and his brother, Chris, conducted their “market research” for the Bottle Bin in Beer Store parking lots.

Photo of Adrian Niman

Adrian Niman Has a Flair for Food

While most kids grew up watching cartoons on TV, Adrian Niman, B.Comm ’07 (HAFA), was watching cooking shows like the Urban Peasant. His childhood fascination with food was more than just a passing phase. An apprenticeship at Mark McEwan’s North 44 restaurant in Toronto whetted Niman’s appetite for a culinary career at the age of 16. “That’s when I really started to appreciate food and everything that went into it,” he says.

Photo of Julian Brass

Julian Brass Connects with Young Professionals

Julian Brass, a notable B. Comm. graduate of Hotel and Food Administration in 2006 founded, Canada’s first digital publication that provides relevant and engaging content for young, ambitious and trendy professionals.  Julian launched  in 2008 which has become the leading source and lifestyle guide for young professionals (aka:  YPs) across Canada.  Julian and his professional teams definitely live by the website’s tagline, “Young. Professional. Connected.”  

Photo of Robert Boyer

Robert Boyer - Connecting the Dots

As co-founder of ON Communication Inc., based in London, Ont., Robert Boyer, MBA ’00, uses a simple tagline to describe his role in the company: “I connect the dots.” With a background in farming, a math degree and his current work with international clients in a variety of industries, Boyer has learned to link dots many people wouldn’t think to connect.

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