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October 29: CME Student Wins Bronze At World Triathlon Championships

Article featured in Guelph Now!

University of Guelph cross-country runner Joanna Brown won the bronze medal Saturday at the World Under 23 Triathlon Championships in Auckland, New Zealand.

She finished with a time of 2:14.12 and, at age 20, was the youngest competitor on the podium. It was the first time she competed in the race.

October 23: Lincoln Alexander remembered as an ‘amazingly giving man’

Article featured in the Guelph Tribune

Lincoln Alexander, who was the University of Guelph’s longest-serving chancellor and before that was Canada’s first black MP, has died at the age of 90.

“Lincoln Alexander was perhaps the most admired and respected public figure in Ontario,” U of G president Alastair Summerlee said in a news release Friday about Alexander’s death earlier that day.

October 19: International Partnerships Seek Global Solutions

The University of Guelph is exploring ways to strengthen its long-standing ties with East Africa.

It’s looking to improve connections with academics, governments, industry, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), alumni and others in Guelph, East Africa and beyond.

The goal is to work together on such regional issues as food security and scarcity, water and resource problems, and poverty, says Kevin Hall, vice-president (research). Academic opportunities for students from both U of G and East Africa will also be contemplated.

October 18: Learning is More Than a Lecture

Article written by Julia Christensen Hughes, Dean, College of Management and Economics. 

Students have been complaining about the lecture since at least the late 1800s. In How Scholars Trumped Teachers (1999), Larry Cuban cites an 1895 student newspaper editorial challenging Stanford University professors to improve the effectiveness of their teaching. The article complains about students not being “called upon daily to recite” and professors who prefer “to spend most of [their] time in lecturing.”

October 17: Suzuki and Rubin Push Environment Ahead of Economy

Article written by Chris Seto, Guelph Mercury

Everyone loves a good debate.

But while much of the country kept their eyes locked on the battle between democrat and republican south of the border, a group of 450 people decided to focus instead on the match up between economist and ecologist, here in Guelph.

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