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The Centre of Business and Student Enterprise’s Couch Day initiative prompts discussion on entrepreneurship

Interested in entrepreneurship? Keep an eye out for the CBaSE Couch at the University of Guelph.

The Centre of Business and Student Enterprise (CBaSE) recently launched their CBaSE Couch Days to acquaint all University of Guelph students with the services they provide. Every three weeks, the CBaSE couch is placed at a different campus location so that all students have an opportunity to become familiarized with CBaSE’s services and enrich their understanding of entrepreneurship.

Agriculture workshop aims to promote food self-determination among First Nations

Representatives from First Nations communities, provincial government, and the University of Guelph are meeting on campus November 21 to 22 for the inaugural First Nation Agricultural Workshop. This workshop in support of the pursuit of food self-determination among First Nations communities is led by professor Elliott Currie of the Department of Management.

College of Business and Economics announces new Notable Alumni

The College of Business and Economics recently unveiled five new faces on its Notable Alumni roster, adding new stories of business and economics alumni who are leaders in their fields. These alumni include industry leaders, a professional athlete and a distinguished researcher, all of whom exemplify the values of the University of Guelph in their respective roles. See below for a complete list.   

“Commodities, Well-being and Institutions” Workshop encourages discussion of global problems through an economic lens

The “Commodities, Well-being and Institutions” workshop drew in many scholars from around the world to discuss their research. The workshop was organized by University of Guelph economics professors Louise Grogan and Mike Hoy, and University of Bobo Dioulasso professor Agnes Zabsonre, and supported through funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC). This event served as an opportunity for scholars to come together, share their perspectives and analyze current issues using economic theories and data analysis techniques.

College of Business and Economics launches 10x10: Alumni with Impact Award

The College of Business and Economics recently unveiled its 10x10: Alumni with Impact Award, recognizing ten University of Guelph business alumni who are within ten years of graduation and have achieved rapid and significant growth in their careers.

The annual award was created with the intention of showcasing proud and highly engaged University of Guelph alumni who have garnered significant responsibility and influence within their respective industries and organizations. See the full list if recipients below.

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