Senate Committee on Bylaws and Membership

Committee Bylaws

  1. All member of the Committee on Bylaws & Membership shall be Senators and consist of:
    - one Dean
    - five faculty
    - two students
  2. The Committee on Bylaws and Membership shall: 
    a) recommend to Senate action on suggested modifications of the bylaws of Senate; 
    b) prepare draft bylaws for presentation to Senate for approval;
    c) formulate regulations to govern elections and the conditions of membership of Senate and of Senate committees; 
    d) make an annual report to Senate through the Senate Priorities and Planning Committee on the functioning of Senate and its committees and subcommittees; 
    e) strike committees and boards and present nominations for appointment and election of Senate representatives to other bodies. 

The regulations on elections and appointments are available online.

Senate Approved: June 2, 2009
Committee Reviewed: January 28, 2018


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