Senate Committee on Quality Assurance

Committee Bylaws

The Committee on Quality Assurance is responsible for recommending to Senate for approval institutional policies and procedures related to quality assurance, and for receiving, reviewing, and presenting annually to Senate a summary report of all internal review reports produced through the institution’s quality assurance processes.

1. The Senate Committee on Quality Assurance shall consist of:

  • Assistant Vice-President Graduate Studies
  • Associate Vice-President Academic
  • one Dean
  • four faculty members (members of Senate)
  • two students (one graduate and one undergraduate)
  • one librarian (designate of the Chief Librarian)
  • one staff member

Non-voting members:

  • Director, Academic Programs and Policy

2. In the fulfillment of its role, the committee shall:

 a) Review regularly the institution’s quality assurance policies and related processes as approved by Senate, and make recommendations  for changes as appropriate.

 b) Update Senate, as appropriate, on provincially mandated quality assurance policies or initiatives, and make recommendations for  revisions to the institution’s quality assurance policies and related processes, as appropriate.

 c) Receive, review and respond to the final reports of the internal reviews for undergraduate and graduate programs, and departments and  schools.

 d) Provide an annual report to Senate that includes:

  i. A presentation of the general principles, guidelines, and methodology used by the committee in the review of   the university’s programs, departments and schools.

  ii. A status report on the reviews performed during the year in question.

  iii. A summary of the key outcomes of the reviews, highlighting trends, issues, or recommendations.

  iv. A list of academic programs, departments and schools scheduled for review in the upcoming year.

Subsequently, this report will be provided to the Board of Governors for information.

Senate Approved: October 24, 2016