Senate Priorities and Planning Committee

Committee Bylaws

1. The Priorities and Planning Committee shall consist of: the President; the Provost; the Chairs of the Senate Standing Committees; one undergraduate student, and one graduate student (both elected annually by the Student Senate Caucus); the COU Academic Colleague; and one Member-at-Large (elected by Senate from the elected Senators, not already chairing a Senate Committee).  

The Member-at-Large shall chair the committee for a two-year term.  

2. The Senate Priorities and Planning Committee facilitates Senate in establishing its multi-year priorities. 

In doing so, the Priorities and Planning Committee shall:

a) Utilize input from Senate’s standing committees to facilitate Senate in the process of establishing and approving its multi-year goals and priorities within the context of the University’s strategic and operational planning related to educational policy;

b) Support the standing committees in their activities towards achieving the multi-year goals and priorities of Senate; 

c) Monitor Senate's progress towards the multi-year goals and priorities through regular updates from the standing committees; 

d) Recommend adjustments or revisions to Senate's goals and priorities; 

e) Receive and review the annual reports from Senate’s standing committees on their accomplishments; 

f) Present an annual report to Senate synthesizing the work and achievements presented in the annual reports of the standing committees of Senate; 

g) Make recommendations for the work and priorities over the next session in the context of the University's long-term goals and strategic objectives, and based on input from the Senate’s standing committees; 

h) Review motions submitted under Senate bylaws section 3. Matters for Inclusion in the Agenda to determine whether the matter presented falls within the purview of Senate, and/ or its standing committees; 

i) Provide recommendations and leadership for the execution of those decisions of Senate which have not been referred to other standing committees and boards of Senate.

Senate Approved: October 24, 2016