Guiding Principles

The Wellness@Work Advisory Committee has a set of four Guiding Principles.  These Guiding Principles provide a foundation for the work of the Committee.

Mission:  Supporting the well-being of the whole person for all University of Guelph staff and faculty through a comprehensive, integrated, evidence-informed workplace health promotion strategy.

Vision:  A thriving workforce, organization, and community.

Guiding Principle #1 - All areas of the University of Guelph comprehensively support the well-being of the whole person

The University of Guelph accepts the World Health Organization’s definition of health that states that “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”  The organization recognizes that workplace factors impact employee physical and psychological health and safety and that employee physical and psychological health can impact organizational safety.  Thus, the University of Guelph strives to create a comprehensive Healthy Workplace Plan.  This plan will be for all University of Guelph faculty and staff, regardless of department, work location, work hours, or position. This plan will include education and awareness raising, skill building, environmental supports, and policy and will address the physical well-being, psychological well-being, social well-being, and community well-being. 

Strategic Linkage: Inspiring Learning and Inquiry, Connecting Communities, Stewarding Valued Resources

Guiding Principles #2 - The University of Guelph and all employees share responsibility for supporting the well-being of the whole person and providing a vibrant campus that is inclusive and respectful, where everyone is valued.

All faculty and staff acknowledge joint responsibility for promoting and maintaining a healthy workplace, and for taking personal responsibility for managing their well-being effectively.   Leadership and employees work together collaboratively to steward well-being and provide campus environments that are vibrant and inclusive, open and respectful, where University members and visitors alike know they are valued.  The University of Guelph’s Healthy Workplace Initiative is designed for all employees across the institution, regardless of an individual’s present level of health and overall well-being. 

Strategic Linkages: Connecting Communities, Inspiring Learning and Inquiry, Nurturing a Distinctive University Culture, Stewarding Valued Resources.

Guiding Principles #3 - The University of Guelph’s customized, evidence-based Healthy Workplace Plan harnesses the strengths, unique capacities and broad interdisciplinary knowledge of staff, faculty, and students

Creating a Healthy Workplace Plan that is informed by strong evidence, tailored to the unique University of Guelph campus environment, and refined regularly will facilitate success.  Harnessing the strengths from innovative top talent, as well as innovation in research, teaching and learning allows the University of Guelph to use comprehensive strengths to address the complex issue of supporting the well-being of the whole person.

Strategic Linkage:  Stewarding Valued Resources, Nurturing a Distinctive University Culture, Catalyzing Discovery and Change.

Guiding Principles #4 - The University of Guelph supports serving others, supporting people locally and beyond

The University of Guelph is committed to community well-being and recognizes the health benefits that can occur from employees actively engaging in issues to which they feel personally connected, such as volunteering in the community or protecting the environment.  The organization respects opportunities to work collaboratively and support people in need – locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.  This distinct part of our culture stems from a passion for building community spirit. 

Strategic Linkage: Nurturing a Distinctive University Culture, Stewarding Valued Resources.