Healthy Workplace Month

The University of Guelph is participating in Canada's Healthy Workplace Month from October 1st - 31st, 2021. 

The Wellness@Work Programming Committee has organized lots of free virtual wellness-related events for staff and faculty.  There is something for everyone! 

Please take time from your busy day to prioritize and enhance your wellness.

Join the Campus Mile

Register to join the Healthy Workplace Month kick-off event, Campus Mile. 

On Oct. 1, registered participants will be sent the welcome video and warm-up, do a one-mile walk, run or roll from wherever they are working, and post a photo or video on the Campus Mile Kudoboard for their chance to win a prize! 

Learn more and register.

Campus Mile Event poster


October 2021 Event Calendar

Healthy Workplace Month Challenges

Gratitude Bingo

Gratitude Bingo CardThe Wellness@Work Programming Committee is challenging you to a new Gratitude BINGO game for healthy workplace month. Visit the Gratitude BINGO page to view the instructions and BINGO card.

Move better, Feel Stronger!

Move better, feel stronger October 2021 logoProper form is so crucial for building strength without injuries. As is proper continual progression to build up strength and learn new skill. From October 4th - 29th. Athletics wants to show you one exercise per day from Monday-Thursday each week.

Healthy Workplace Month Blog Posts

Upcoming Healthy Workplace Month Events