Summer Sunshine: Enjoy the outdoors & boost your mood

Summer is officially here and I hope you are taking time to enjoy the outdoors!  Researchers have showed decreased levels of anxiety, rumination and negative affect, in addition to cognitive benefits, in participants who completed a 50-minute walk in nature (Bratman, Daily, Levy & Gross, 2015). 

COVID-19 Workplace Re-entry Toolkit

This Toolkit has been created by Homewood Health to support organizations and leaders in decision making.

"This pandemic Workplace Re-entry Toolkit is a consolidation of content focused on the considerations facing employers and employees as the world prepares for life after COVID-19. We’ve put together a package of informative materials to support you and your organization. Additionally, we’ve included resources for managers and employees, providing guidance and support while addressing some frequently asked questions."

COVID-19: Employee Fatigue, Isolation and Loneliness

"As we near the summer months, the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic continues – filled with evolving new norms of how we go about our daily lives. We know that self-isolation and physical distancing are necessary, as they are preventative measures to slow the spread  of the virus and the risk of infection. As we adopt and implement modifications to our routines, these changes can be linked to psychological effects including feelings of fatigue, isolation, and loneliness."

June BINGO Card: Wellness@Work Challenge

The Wellness@Work Programming Commmittee is challenging you to a new Wellness@Work BINGO game for the month of June. 

Participate in the Wellness@Work BINGO challenge throughout the month of June.  Check off any of the activities that you do and submit your BINGO sheet to at the end of the month. 

Everyone who participates will be entered into a draw for a prize!        

Good luck!       

Parenting During a Pandemic

"As we enter a new month of COVID-19 protocols, the indirect and evolving implications of the pandemic are establishing new norms and roles within our family units for parents, guardians and those tasked with childcare responsibilities."

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Financial Stress

"Nearly 1/3 of Canadians spend about one hour each day worrying about their finances. Financial worries often top the list of people’s concerns, even more than thinking about their health. It may not be surprising given the world we live in today."

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Postpartum Depression

"In a review of forty-eight papers from eight longitudinal studies focusing on women's social and emotional health in the first year after birth, postpartum depression (PPD) was found to be a severe condition that potentially affects ten to twenty percent of women worldwide."

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#ColleagueKudos: Thank you to all U of G employees who continue to go to work

We asked the U of G community to show their thanks to employees who continue to work at one of our campuses or research stations during COVID-19.

The community response was very positive, with many sharing their notes of appreciation and thanks to their colleagues.

See below a compilation of the THANK YOU notes.

Finding Connection through Arts & Culture

Over the last couple of months, there have been so many changes to the way we typically live our lives.  We have been forced to find new ways to connect with one another and be innovative in how we keep ourselves entertained while businesses around us have been temporarily shut down.

If you have now settled into your new routine and are looking for some fun ways to keep yourself entertained and connected to others, here are a few ideas to check out:

Watch a Shakespearean Play

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