Gratitude Bingo card

Gratitude BINGO Card: Healthy Workplace Month Challenge

The Wellness@Work Programming Commmittee is challenging you to a new Gratitude BINGO game for healthy workpalce month. 

Download the file below to participate in the Wellness@Work Gratitude BINGO challenge throughout the month of October.  Everyone who participates will be entered into a draw for a prize!   

All you need to do is print the bingo card and mark off squares as you complete them.

Assessing your Ergonomics

The Ergonomics Program at the University of Guelph aims to assist faculty and staff to work safely.  Ergonomics applies scientific theory, principles and methods to explore the relationships between the worker job tasks and the workplace.  Ergonomics removes barriers to quality, productivity, and safe human performance by fitting products (equipment), tasks and environments to people.

Arial view of the Arboretum at the University of Guelph in September. Mostly green trees, but some are beginning to change colour.

Supporting your Wellness with Nature

It is not suprise that time spent in nature reduces stress and pormotes wellness. Mathew White and his colleauges conducted a study with almost 20 000 participants and found that spending 2 hours a wekk in nautre is associated with good health and wellbeing. Whether this is time spent alone or with family, the Arboretum has a variety of options to engage with nature.

This can include: 

Support U of G’s United Way Campaign 2021

The University of Guelph 2021 United Way Campaign will help make our community a better place to live by contributing to 50 different agencies and 72 different programs in Guelph Wellington Dufferin.  The United Way invests in five Impact Areas - Connected Kids, Adequate Basic Needs, Supports for Seniors, Sense of Belonging and Positive Mental Health.  Please join us and show your local love. Last year - in the middle of a pandemic, no less - you amazed us all by raising more than $537,000 to support United Way-funded charities.

Change and Routine

When I agreed to write a blog post for the Wellness@Work blog, I thought it’d be easy. I thought I’d Google a few articles, watch a few YouTube videos and regurgitate some meaningful information that makes me seem like an expert on going through change. After doing some initial research I sat down to write and immediately felt overwhelmed with where to start. Everything I wrote sounded fake and toxically positive.

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