Wellness@Work Pulse Survey

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2023 Pulse Survey

As communicated earlier in 2023, Wellness@Work is re-administering its Pulse Survey. The survey opens on May 31, 2023 and will close at 9 am on June 19, 2023.  

The survey is open to all faculty and staff, please share with us how you are feeling! The survey should take no more than 5 minutes to complete as there are only 5 short questions.

The Wellness@Work initiative supports whole-person well-being for faculty and staff at the University of Guelph. The following pulse survey asks the same questions as the 2022 pulse survey and is meant to collect a high-level understanding of your perspective regarding your

  • mental health;
  • workplace safety; 
  • work-life balance; and
  • to start identifying employee experience trends.

The input you provide through this survey is incredibly valuable and will help shape programming, policies, strategic planning, and procedures developed by Wellness@Work to support your well-being. Your well-being matters and we need your feedback to help us improve and adapt.

As the survey link is posted publically on the Wellness@Work website, you may be asked to verify your SSO. Your SSO is not tracked and is simply a verification that a U of G employee is sharing their perspective. All the responses to this survey will be anonymous. Results will be reported in aggregate form only. This data will be analyzed and reported in such a way as to ensure no individual can be identified with their answers. All information with fewer than 10 respondents will be suppressed to ensure respondent anonymity.


  • May 31 - June 19, 2023: Data Collection
  • July 2023: Data Analysis
  • July - August 2023: Finalize the 2023 Pulse Survey Report 
  • Fall 2023: Share findings with the U of G community including senior leadership, staff, and faculty
  • Early 2024: In late January/early February 2024 a more comprehensive, in-depth survey will be launched as a follow-up to the 2017 Wellness@Work survey

From May to June 2022, Wellness@Work ran a short employee pulse survey. The goal was to better understand how faculty and staff felt in their work environment at that time and, for those working remotely, their concerns about returning to on-site work after the long absence caused by the pandemic.

Pulse Survey results

The survey results provide insight into a specific moment – how faculty and staff felt as campus prepared to return to its pre-pandemic level of activity. We had aimed to share these results in Fall 2022 and appreciate your patience with the delay. Thank you to everyone who completed the 2022 Pulse Survey. The responses we received will help us identify and better understand workplace factors that affect the psychological health and safety of University of Guelph faculty and staff.


We have captured some of the key findings from the survey results in this infographic, which we invite you to share with your colleagues.

Full Report

A full report on the findings from the 2022 Pulse Survey is available to all U of G staff and faculty.You may be required to sign in with your central login credentials to access the report. Read the full Wellness@Work Pulse Survey Report, Summer 2022. 

What's Next?

To ensure our data is representative of faculty and staff experience, the Wellness@Work Advisory Committee has recommended that the Pulse Survey be readministered during the same time frame (end of May – mid June) in 2023 to start identifying trends.

The results of the survey are being used to develop Wellness@Work programming that better supports faculty and staff in our current work environment. This includes:

  • creating a resource and training on Steps to Supporting a Colleague in Distress (Complete. The guide for Steps to Supporting a Colleague in Distress can be found on the Wellness@Work website.) 
  • consulting on and planning for the next Wellness@Work Strategic Plan, which will have a primary focus on psychological health and safety (in-progress). 

A more extensive and comprehensive employee survey will be administered in 2024. That survey will provide results at a more refined level while maintaining respondent anonymity.

Moving forward, administering a pulse survey will be an annual or bi-annual assessment conducted by Wellness@Work, with an extensive and comprehensive well-being survey being administered, at a minimum of, every five years to ensure that consistent feedback is provided and adaptations are taking place to support the physical and psychological health and safety of faculty and staff. 


If you have any questions about this survey, please contact Isidora Nežić, Wellness@Work Advisor, at nezici@uoguelph.ca