July Calendar

View the full calendar of wellness events for July and register today! 

Water You Drinking? Challenge

Wellness@Work is challenging you to increase your daily water consumption.  Track your daily water intake throughout July for your chance to win a prize!  

Recess League

Do you miss the good old days on the playground? We have the solution for you, Recess League runs weekly with a random sport picked each time inspired by school yard games. Recess League is a great way to have a mental wellness break in the middle of the work day!

Eating to Support Mental Well-being

It’s long been acknowledged that the foods we eat influence our physical health. As we learn more about mental well-being, we’re learning that our food habits can also have a significant influence on our mental well-being. 

Mental Health and Nutrition

Did you know that the human brain is sensitive to the food we eat? Nutrition plays an active role in mental health. 

More Feet on the Ground: Mental Health Training

More Feet on the Ground is an online educational resource designed to support campus community members to recongize, respond and refer students experiencing mental health issues on campus. 

2019 Events and Activities

Download the full event calendar to view the sessions and activities offered and click on the events to complete your registration.

Take a break each day to explore the blog break articles realted to mental health and workplace safety.

Take the Mental Health Meter

Do a quick check-in with your mental health using CMHA's mental health meter online tool.  Complete a short survey and receive a description of your results.

Mental Health 101 CAMH Course

CAMH has developed a free online Mental Health 101 course to explain more about mental health and mental illness and provides tools to support yourself or others.