June 2021 Wellness Calendar

View the June wellness calendar for a complete listing of upcoming events. 

Join Monday Morning Mindfulness Moments, learn about what's new with COVID-19, pose your home gardening questions and more! 

Night Shift Opportunities

Do you work on the night shift? Check out the evening webinar we are offering for night shift staff and explore event recordings. 

Journal Reflections- Fillable Worksheet

Use this fillable worksheet to track your reflections from the 5-day challenge during Be Well, Be Safe Week. Submit your completed reflection sheet for your chance to win a prize!

Day 1: Mindful Monday

Start the 5-Day Workplace Wellness Reset by exploring suggestions on how you can integrate mindfulnesss into your day. 

Day 4: Thankful Thursday

Explore how you can practice gratitude in your daily life with some tips on Thankful Thursday. 

Day 5: Friendship Friday

On Friendship Friday, make time to connect and continue building strong relationships to help you thrive.