Wellness@Work Grant Program

The Wellness@Work Grant Program is designed to further enhance the physical and psychological health, safety and the quality of life for all faculty and staff.

Leading for Well-being

Wellness@Work has partnered with Excellence Canada and Human Resources (Learning & Development) to launch a new leadership program at U of G that fosters cross-campus collaboration and the development of leadership competencies that promote the health and wellness and personal success of employees. 

U of G Garden Gander

John Reinhart, Grounds Manager, will take participants on a noon hour walk to explore different gardens and trees on our campus.  Each week will feature a different area of campus with more to discover.  Come learn about new plantings, plant problems, botany, history of plantings and more!

Spooktacular Space Contest

Festively decorate your work space or common office area on October 30th or 31st with your colleagues! Photos will be reviewed by a panel and prizes will be available for the best dressed office or work space.

Discover our Spaces Scavenger Hunt

U of G is made of a number of buildings of diverse architecture. This scavenger hunt activity will be made up of photos of buildings on campus for you to find.