March Wellness@Work Calendar

March is full of wellness activities to help you bring in Spring. Check out the full listing of opportunities on the March calendar.

March Meatless Mondays Challenge

Throughout the month of March, Wellness@Work is challenging faculty and staff to make your Monday meals meatless. Keep track of your meals using the worksheet provided. Submit it to win a prize!

Fall Foliage Photo Contest

Snap a photo in October of some fall leaves, trees, branches or plants at U of G for your chance to win a prize! 

Include a sentence or two description of the photo.

U of G Art & Objects Scavenger Hunt Activity

Is it art or a historic object?  The scavenger hunt is made up of pictures of Art or Objects on the U of G campus for you to find. Once you have found the item in the picture, enter its name in the crossword puzzle.

READY-SET-binGO: Healthy Workplace Month Contest

What is Wellness Bingo? It's a way for you to improve your health and well-being at work and get entered to win prizes for your participation!  All you need to do is print the bingo card and mark off squares as you complete them. 

Recess League

Do you miss the good old days on the playground? We have the solution for you, Recess League runs weekly with a random sport picked each time inspired by school yard games. Recess League is a great way to have a mental wellness break in the middle of the work day!

Eating to Support Mental Well-being

It’s long been acknowledged that the foods we eat influence our physical health. As we learn more about mental well-being, we’re learning that our food habits can also have a significant influence on our mental well-being.