Not Myself Today

In 2022 the University of Guelph is launched the Not Myself Today (NMT) initiative. NMT is an evidence-based initiative – offered by CMHA – that supports workplace mental health. Originating in the Mental Health Commission of Canada, Not Myself Today aligns with the National Standard of Psychological Health and Safety and has three main goals:

  • build greater awareness of the importance of mental health in the workplace;
  • reduce stigma; and
  • foster a safe and supportive workplace culture.

NMT includes access to an online platform that provides resources, guidance, and support for any employee and/or NMT Ambassador on how to take evidence-informed action to support workplace psychological health and safety. NMT is intuitive with guides to facilitate action and activities including tips for embedding more mental health conversations in the workplace.

In addition to creating a NMT account, begin the conversation in online meetings by using a virtual mood background. 

Banner with U of G HR and Wellness @ Work logos with test reading "Everyone has mental health. Let's Make it out business to take care of it."

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Levels of Registration

NMT Ambassadors

NMT Ambassadors are employees who manage and/or supervise others or wish to lead activities related to mental health for their teams. All NMT Ambassadors will have access to digital and printable activities provided through the NMT platform, including facilitation tips. Implementation for NMT Ambassadors can be easy and minimal additional work for teams as the 5-minute “ice breakers” can be incorporated into pre-existing team meetings or resource activities can be used with no more than 10-minutes of prep time required. If you are interested in becoming a NMT Ambassador at U of G, begin by completing the NMT Ambassador registration form.



Employees who are not in supervisory positions and wish to have access to the NMT resources and learning modules are able to access the NMT platform via the All-Employees registration level. For this registration level, begin by completing the NMT All-Employees registration form.


If you are still unsure of which level of NMT registration best fits your needs, review the NMT Registration Level Decision Making Guide.

After completing either the NMT Ambassador or All-Employees registration form you will receive a how-to guide to support with creating a NMT account. Usernames and passwords do not have to be related to your UofG login credentials and all information is confidential to the user.

Attend an Information Session

Begin your journey to supporting the mental health of your teams and contributing to workplace mental health by attending an orientation session. Attend a session that would match your NMT registration level to learn more about the NMT Initiative and resources that are available to you!

Any questions or need support as a NMT Ambassador?

Contact Isidora Nezic, Wellness@Work Advisor, at Consultation meetings can be scheduled to support NMT Ambassadors with their journeys.