All-year programs

Wellness@Work Grant Program

The Wellness@Work Grant Program is designed to further enhance the physical and psychological health, safety and the quality of life for all faculty and staff.

Leading for Well-being

Wellness@Work has partnered with Excellence Canada and Human Resources (Learning & Development) to launch a new leadership program at U of G that fosters cross-campus collaboration and the development of leadership competencies that promote the health and wellness and personal success of employees. 

Walk or Run to Quit Program

Walking and running can help you overcome withdrawals and cravings while cutting down or quitting smoking. It gets better, when you quit smoking and get active, you’ll have a chance to win a 10.5-inch IPad Pro!

Mental Health and Wellness Training

U of G offers five different levels of mental health training opportunities for faculty and staff throughout the year, including More Feet on the Ground, Beyond the Books, SafeTALK, Mental Health First Aid and ASIST

Learning and Development

Build your skills by signing up for training sessions.  Over 100 different sessions are available.

Classical Yoga for Total Health and Awareness

Drop-in for a free yoga class every Tuesday from 12-1 in Peter Clark Hall, Wing B in the University Centre. Classical Yoga techniques aim to improve total health and well-being by gently promoting physical strength and flexibility, while improving concentration, steadiness and calmness of mind.

Educational Opportunities Program

Learn about how the University of Guelph supports employees in achieving their educational goals, including through tuition waivers.