Welcome to Wellness @Work at the University of Guelph

The University of Guelph is committed to supporting the well-being of the whole person for all University of Guelph staff and faculty through a comprehensive, integrated, evidence-informed workplace health promotion strategy. The Wellness@Work Advisory Committee helps the University to meet this committment. All staff and faculty are encouraged to participate in Wellness@Work programming and initiatives, and feedback is welcome at any time.

Monthly Calendar and Contest

  • Check out all of the upcoming wellness opportunities to help you find balance during a busy start to the school year.

  • Get outside and enjoy the great outdoors!  Try a new trail or walk (anywhere!) each week in September. Share which trails you explored by October 1, 2019 for your chance to win a prize!  


  • The Queer University of Guelph (QUofG) Faculty and Staff Network is a campus community with the goal to provide education, resources, programming and support for employees across the spectrums of gender and sexuality.

  • Do you miss the good old days on the playground? We have the solution for you, Recess League runs weekly with a random sport picked each time inspired by school yard games. Recess League is a great way to have a mental wellness break in the middle of the work day!

  • The Wellness@Work Grant Program is designed to further enhance the physical and psychological health, safety and the quality of life for all faculty and staff.

  • Wellness@Work has partnered with Excellence Canada and Human Resources (Learning & Development) to launch a new leadership program at U of G that fosters cross-campus collaboration and the development of leadership competencies that promote the health and wellness and personal success of employees.