The November 2022 Wellness Calendar is now published!

Jump into November with some Wellness@Work programming. In honour of World Kindness Day on November 13th, we invite you to take some time to support your wellness. Whether you are looking for ways to take breaks in your workday or are searching for new resources to support your colleagues and community, we hope you find something that meets your needs.

Join the 30-Day November Kindness Challenge!

Kindness, the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate can help make our community stronger, more connected, and more resilient. 

In honour of World Kindness Day on November 13, 2022, the Gratitude, Recognition, and Employee Appreciation Together (GREAT) Initiative challenges you to focus on being kind to others and yourself by completing our Kindness Challenge for each day of the month of November.

Save Lives by Donating Blood and Join U of G's Partners for Life team!

If you didn’t know, it can often take more than one donor to save a life and there is a large shortage of blood donations across Canada! 

Join the University of Guelph's Partners for Life (PFL) team as we work towards saving lives together and make an appointment to donate blood or plasma now! 

March 2022 Resources for Simplifying

For March 2022 the Wellness@Work Programming Committee is focusing on simplifying the wellness calendar. Simplifying parts of our days and the spaces around us can support with increased well-being and reduce emotional overwhelm. Simplifying can mean something different for each individual person, especially with what they may need.

Poster of the 28 Day Gratitude Challenge

Join the 28 Day Gratitude Challenge

Each day in February, commit to your own gratitude practice. 

Below are a few ideas for inspiration. Pick one strategy that works best for you or try out different practices throughout the month:

Spot the hazards poster image

Spot the Hazards! Activity

How observant are you? Do you have what it takes to spot all the hazards in the photos?

Check out this activity sheet and give it your best shot for a chance to WIN A PRIZE!

Those wishing to enter are asked to identify 3 hazards within each of the photos and also submit a “safety idea” relevant to the photos.

Complete the fillable PDF worksheet.

Silver, red and yellow badge with writing on badge reading "Consistent effort yields results. Step Challenge. Starts January First!"

January Wellness Challenge: Consistent Effort Yields Results, Step Challenge

Challenge Details

This is a step-challenge. The goal for this challenge is to walk 5000 steps/day, every day of the challenge to acquire 155,000 steps by the end of the month. Record your movement in the GryphFit app to be entered.

The challenge runs from January 1st to 31st! 

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