Making Mistakes in High-Reliability Organizations

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MindWell-U is hosting a free online webinar.

We all make mistakes, but it’s what happens next that matters most in high-reliability organizations. Join LSE-trained organizational social psychologist Dr. Ellen Choi as she explains:

  • How mindfulness training helps employees learn from mistakes, not hide or worry about them

  • How mindfulness supports workplace safety and productivity

  • Which factors contribute to making a workplace mindfulness intervention more likely to succeed

Dr. Ellen Choi is an organizational social psychologist who trained at the London School of Economics. She completed her doctorate at the Ivey School of Business studying the effects of mindfulness in the workplace. In particular, she studies the efficacy of mindfulness training on creativity, will power, and resilience and provides executive training applying mindfulness concepts to workplace issues. Ellen has taught and researched mindfulness within corporations, with police recruits, and in health care settings. She is an instructor at The University of Toronto’s Continuing Education program where she teaches a course on mindfulness and team effectiveness and has led mindfulness courses at such companies as CIBC, London Hydro, University Health Network, and Alamos Gold.

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